Deprecated since version 1.11.0: Replaced by cfn

Query Syntax


The xref lookup type is very similar to the output type, the difference being that xref resolves output values from stacks that aren’t contained within the current CFNgin namespace, but are existing Stacks containing outputs within the same region on the AWS account you are deploying into. xref allows you to lookup these outputs from the Stacks already in your account by specifying the stacks fully qualified name in the CloudFormation console.

Where the output type will take a Stack name and use the current context to expand the fully qualified stack name based on the namespace, xref skips this expansion because it assumes you’ve provided it with the fully qualified stack name already. This allows you to reference output values from any CloudFormation Stack in the same region.

Also, unlike the output type, xref doesn’t impact stack requirements.


ConfVariable: ${xref fully-qualified-stack::SomeOutput}