Query Syntax


The dynamodb lookup type retrieves a value from a DynamoDb table.

As an example, if you have a Dynamo Table named TestTable and it has an Item with a Primary Partition key called TestKey and a value named BucketName, you can look it up by using CFNgin. The lookup key in this case is TestVal


# We can reference that dynamo value
BucketName: ${dynamodb us-east-1:TestTable@TestKey:TestVal.BucketName}

# Which would resolve to:
BucketName: test-bucket

You can lookup other data types by putting the data type in the lookup. Valid values are S (String), N (Number), M (Map), L (List).

ServerCount: ${dynamodb us-east-1:TestTable@TestKey:TestVal.ServerCount[N]}

This would return an int value, rather than a string

You can lookup values inside of a map.

ServerCount: ${dynamodb us-east-1:TestTable@TestKey:TestVal.ServerInfo[M].ServerCount[N]}