runway.module.staticsite package

Runway Static Site Module.

class runway.module.staticsite.StaticSite(context: RunwayContext, *, explicitly_enabled: Optional[bool] = False, logger: RunwayLogger = <RunwayLogger runway.module.staticsite.handler (WARNING)>, module_root: Path, name: Optional[str] = None, options: Optional[Union[Dict[str, Any], ModuleOptions]] = None, parameters: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **_: Any)[source]

Bases: runway.module.base.RunwayModule

Static website Runway Module.

Instantiate class.

  • context – Runway context object for the current session.

  • explicitly_enabled – Whether or not the module is explicitly enabled. This is can be set in the event that the current environment being deployed to matches the defined environments of the module/deployment.

  • logger – Used to write logs.

  • module_root – Root path of the module.

  • name – Name of the module.

  • options – Options passed to the module class from the config as options or module_options if coming from the deployment level.

  • parameters – Values to pass to the underlying infrastructure as code tool that will alter the resulting infrastructure being deployed. Used to templatize IaC.


Create website CFN module and run CFNgin.deploy.


Create website CFN module and run CFNgin.destroy.


Run init.


Create website CFN module and run CFNgin.diff.

__getitem__(key: str)typing.Any

Make the object subscriptable.


key – Attribute to get.