Getting Started

Before getting started, fork this repo and clone your fork.

Development Environment

This project includes an optional VSCode Dev Container. This is an Ubuntu 22.04 image that will launch with operating system pre-requisites already installed and VSCode configured for Python debugging. It’s not required to use this for development work, but does provide an easy and consistent way to get started.

This project uses poetry to create Python virtual environment. This must be installed on your system before setting up your dev environment.

With poetry installed, run make setup to setup your development environment. This will create all the required virtual environments to work on Runway, build docs locally, and run integration tests locally. The virtual environments all have Runway installed as editable meaning as you make changes to the code of your local clone, it will be reflected in all the virtual environments.


pre-commit is configured for this project to help developers follow the coding style. If you used make setup to setup your environment, it is already setup for you. If not, you can run make setup-pre-commit to to install the pre-commit hooks.

You can also run make run-pre-commit at any time to manually trigger these hooks.

pyright Type Checking

This project uses pyright to perform type checking. To run type checking locally, install pyright (make npm-ci) then run make lint or make lint-pyright.