runway.cfngin.actions.destroy module

CFNgin destroy action.

class runway.cfngin.actions.destroy.Action(context, provider_builder=None, cancel=None)[source]

Bases: runway.cfngin.actions.base.BaseAction

Responsible for destroying CloudFormation stacks.

Generates a destruction plan based on stack dependencies. Stack dependencies are reversed from the build action. For example, if a Stack B requires Stack A during build, during destroy Stack A requires Stack B be destroyed first.

The plan defaults to printing an outline of what will be destroyed. If forced to execute, each stack will get destroyed in order.

Instantiate class.

  • context (runway.cfngin.context.Context) – The context for the current run.

  • provider_builder (Optional[BaseProviderBuilder]) – An object that will build a provider that will be interacted with in order to perform the necessary actions.

  • cancel (threading.Event) – Cancel handler.

DESCRIPTION = 'Destroy stacks'
NAME = 'destroy'

Any steps that need to be taken prior to running the action.


Kicks off the destruction of the stacks in the stack_definitions.


Any steps that need to be taken after running the action.