Source code for runway.tests.registry

"""Register test handlers."""
# modeled after
from past.builtins import basestring

from ..util import load_object_from_string
from .handlers import cfn_lint, script
from .handlers import yaml_lint as yamllint


[docs]def register_test_handler(test_type, handler_or_path): """Register a test handler. Args: test_type (str): Name to register the handler under. handler_or_path (OneOf[func, str]): Function or a path to a handler. """ handler = handler_or_path if isinstance(handler_or_path, basestring): handler = load_object_from_string(handler_or_path) TEST_HANDLERS[test_type] = handler
[docs]def unregister_test_handler(test_type): """Unregister the specified test type. This is useful when testing various lookup types if you want to unregister the lookup type after the test runs. Args: test_type (str): Name of the lookup type to unregister. """ TEST_HANDLERS.pop(test_type, None)
register_test_handler(script.TYPE_NAME, script.ScriptHandler) register_test_handler(cfn_lint.TYPE_NAME, cfn_lint.CfnLintHandler) register_test_handler(yamllint.TYPE_NAME, yamllint.YamllintHandler)