Source code for runway.tests.handlers.cfn_lint

"""cfn-list test runner."""
import logging
import runpy
import sys
from typing import Any, Dict  # noqa pylint: disable=W

import yaml

from ..._logging import PrefixAdaptor
from ...util import argv
from .base import TestHandler

if sys.version_info.major < 3:
    from pathlib2 import Path  # pylint: disable=E
    from pathlib import Path  # pylint: disable=E

TYPE_NAME = "cfn-lint"
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class CfnLintHandler(TestHandler): """Lints CFN."""
[docs] @classmethod def handle(cls, name, args): # type: (str, Dict[str, Any]) -> None """Perform the actual test. Relies on .cfnlintrc file to be located beside the Runway config file. """ logger = PrefixAdaptor(name, LOGGER) cfnlintrc = Path("./.cfnlintrc") if not cfnlintrc.is_file(): logger.error("file must exist to use this test: %s", cfnlintrc) sys.exit(1) # prevent duplicate log messages by not passing to the root logger logging.getLogger("cfnlint").propagate = False try: with argv(*["cfn-lint"] + args.get("cli_args", [])): runpy.run_module("cfnlint", run_name="__main__") except SystemExit as err: # this call will always result in SystemExit if err.code != 0: # ignore zero exit codes but re-raise for non-zero if not (yaml.safe_load(cfnlintrc.read_text()) or {}).get("templates"): logger.warning( 'cfnlintrc is missing a "templates" ' "section which is required by cfn-lint" ) raise