Source code for runway.module.k8s

"""K8s (kustomize) module."""
from __future__ import annotations

import logging
import subprocess
import sys
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Optional, Union, cast

from typing_extensions import Literal

from .._logging import PrefixAdaptor
from ..compat import cached_property
from ..config.models.runway.options.k8s import RunwayK8sModuleOptionsDataModel
from ..core.components import DeployEnvironment
from ..env_mgr.kbenv import KBEnvManager
from ..exceptions import KubectlVersionNotSpecified
from ..utils import which
from .base import ModuleOptions, RunwayModule
from .utils import run_module_command

    from .._logging import RunwayLogger
    from ..context import RunwayContext

LOGGER = cast("RunwayLogger", logging.getLogger(__name__))

KubectlCommandTypeDef = Literal[

[docs]class K8s(RunwayModule): """Kubectl Runway Module.""" DEPRECATION_MSG = ( "Kubectl Runway module support has been deprecated and " "may be removed in the next major release." ) options: K8sOptions
[docs] def __init__( self, context: RunwayContext, *, explicitly_enabled: Optional[bool] = False, logger: RunwayLogger = LOGGER, module_root: Path, name: Optional[str] = None, options: Optional[Union[Dict[str, Any], ModuleOptions]] = None, parameters: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **_: Any, ) -> None: """Instantiate class. Args: context: Runway context object for the current session. explicitly_enabled: Whether or not the module is explicitly enabled. This is can be set in the event that the current environment being deployed to matches the defined environments of the module/deployment. logger: Used to write logs. module_root: Root path of the module. name: Name of the module. options: Options passed to the module class from the config as ``options`` or ``module_options`` if coming from the deployment level. parameters: Values to pass to the underlying infrastructure as code tool that will alter the resulting infrastructure being deployed. Used to templatize IaC. """ super().__init__( context, explicitly_enabled=explicitly_enabled, logger=logger, module_root=module_root, name=name, options=K8sOptions.parse_obj( deploy_environment=context.env, obj=options or {}, path=module_root ), parameters=parameters, ) # logger needs to be created here to use the correct logger self.logger = PrefixAdaptor(, LOGGER) LOGGER.warning("%s:%s",, self.DEPRECATION_MSG)
@cached_property def kbenv(self) -> KBEnvManager: """Kubectl environment manager.""" return KBEnvManager(self.path, overlay_path=self.options.overlay_path) @cached_property def kubectl_bin(self) -> str: """Path to kubectl binary.""" try: return self.kbenv.install(self.options.kubectl_version) except KubectlVersionNotSpecified as exc: self.logger.verbose("kubectl version not specified; checking path") if not which("kubectl"): self.logger.error( "kubectl not available and a version to install not specified" ) self.logger.error(exc.message) sys.exit(1) return "kubectl" @cached_property def skip(self) -> bool: """Determine if the module should be skipped.""" if self.options.kustomize_config.is_file(): "processing kustomize overlay: %s", self.options.kustomize_config ) return False "skipped; kustomize overlay for this environment/region not" " found -- looking for one of: %s", ", ".join( str(self.path / "overlays" / i / "kustomization.yaml") for i in self.options.gen_overlay_dirs(, self.ctx.env.aws_region ) ), ) return True
[docs] def deploy(self) -> None: """Run kubectl apply.""" if self.skip: return self.kubectl_kustomize() self.kubectl_apply()
[docs] def destroy(self) -> None: """Run kubectl delete.""" if self.skip: return self.kubectl_kustomize() self.kubectl_delete()
[docs] def gen_cmd( self, command: KubectlCommandTypeDef, args_list: Optional[List[str]] = None, ) -> List[str]: """Generate and log a kubectl command. This does not execute the command, only prepares it for use. Args: command: The CDK command to be executed. args_list: Additional arguments to include in the generated command. Returns: The full command to be passed into a subprocess. """ cmd_list = [self.kubectl_bin, command] cmd_list.extend(args_list or []) if command in ["apply", "delete"]: cmd_list.extend(["--kustomize", str(self.options.overlay_path)]) if command == "delete": cmd_list.append("--ignore-not-found=true") elif command == "kustomize": cmd_list.append(str(self.options.overlay_path)) LOGGER.debug("running command: %s", " ".join(cmd_list)) return cmd_list
[docs] def init(self) -> None: """Run init.""" LOGGER.warning("init not currently supported for %s", self.__class__.__name__)
[docs] def kubectl_apply(self) -> None: """Execute ``kubectl apply`` command. """"deploy (in progress)") run_module_command( cmd_list=self.gen_cmd("apply"), env_vars=self.ctx.env.vars, logger=self.logger, )"deploy (complete)")
[docs] def kubectl_delete(self) -> None: """Execute ``kubectl delete`` command. """"destroy (in progress)") run_module_command( cmd_list=self.gen_cmd("delete"), env_vars=self.ctx.env.vars, logger=self.logger, )"destroy (complete)")
[docs] def kubectl_kustomize(self) -> str: """Execute ``kubectl kustomize`` command. """ kustomize_yml = subprocess.check_output( self.gen_cmd("kustomize"), env=self.ctx.env.vars ).decode() self.logger.debug("kustomized yaml generated by kubectl:\n\n%s", kustomize_yml) return kustomize_yml
[docs] def plan(self) -> None: """Run kustomize build and display generated plan.""" if self.skip: return "kustomized yaml generated by kubectl:\n\n%s", self.kubectl_kustomize() )
[docs]class K8sOptions(ModuleOptions): """Module options for Kubernetes. Attributes: data: Options parsed into a data model. deploy_environment: Runway deploy environment object. kubectl_version: Version of kubectl to use. path: Module path. """ data: RunwayK8sModuleOptionsDataModel deploy_environment: DeployEnvironment kubectl_version: Optional[str] path: Path
[docs] def __init__( self, data: RunwayK8sModuleOptionsDataModel, deploy_environment: DeployEnvironment, path: Path, ) -> None: """Instantiate class. Args: data: Options parsed into a data model. deploy_environment: Current deploy environment. path: Module path. """ = data self.env = deploy_environment self.kubectl_version = data.kubectl_version self.path = path
@cached_property def kustomize_config(self) -> Path: """Kustomize configuration file.""" return self.overlay_path / "kustomization.yaml" @cached_property def overlay_path(self) -> Path: """Directory containing the kustomize overlay to use.""" if return return self.get_overlay_dir( path=self.path / "overlays",, region=self.env.aws_region, )
[docs] @staticmethod def gen_overlay_dirs(environment: str, region: str) -> List[str]: """Generate possible overlay directories. Prefers more explicit directory name but falls back to environment name only. Args: environment: Current deploy environment. region : Current AWS region. """ return [f"{environment}-{region}", environment]
[docs] @classmethod def get_overlay_dir(cls, path: Path, environment: str, region: str) -> Path: """Determine the overlay directory to use.""" overlay_dir = path for name in cls.gen_overlay_dirs(environment, region): overlay_dir = path / name if (overlay_dir / "kustomization.yaml").is_file(): return overlay_dir return overlay_dir
[docs] @classmethod def parse_obj( cls, deploy_environment: DeployEnvironment, obj: object, path: Optional[Path] = None, ) -> K8sOptions: """Parse options definition and return an options object. Args: deploy_environment: Current deploy environment. obj: Object to parse. path: Module path. """ return cls( data=RunwayK8sModuleOptionsDataModel.parse_obj(obj), deploy_environment=deploy_environment, path=path or Path.cwd(), )