Source code for runway.module.cloudformation

"""Cloudformation module."""
from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, Optional, Union, cast

from .._logging import PrefixAdaptor
from ..cfngin.cfngin import CFNgin
from .base import RunwayModule

    from .._logging import RunwayLogger
    from ..context import RunwayContext
    from .base import ModuleOptions

LOGGER = cast("RunwayLogger", logging.getLogger(__name__))

[docs]class CloudFormation(RunwayModule): """CloudFormation (CFNgin) Runway Module."""
[docs] def __init__( self, context: RunwayContext, *, explicitly_enabled: Optional[bool] = False, logger: RunwayLogger = LOGGER, module_root: Path, name: Optional[str] = None, options: Optional[Union[Dict[str, Any], ModuleOptions]] = None, parameters: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None, **_: Any, ) -> None: """Instantiate class. Args: context: Runway context object for the current session. explicitly_enabled: Whether or not the module is explicitly enabled. This is can be set in the event that the current environment being deployed to matches the defined environments of the module/deployment. logger: Used to write logs. module_root: Root path of the module. name: Name of the module. options: Options passed to the module class from the config as ``options`` or ``module_options`` if coming from the deployment level. parameters: Values to pass to the underlying infrastructure as code tool that will alter the resulting infrastructure being deployed. Used to templatize IaC. """ super().__init__( context, explicitly_enabled=explicitly_enabled, logger=logger, module_root=module_root, name=name, options=options, parameters=parameters, ) # logger needs to be created here to use the correct logger self.logger = PrefixAdaptor(, LOGGER)
[docs] def deploy(self) -> None: """Run deploy.""" cfngin = CFNgin(self.ctx, parameters=self.parameters, sys_path=self.path) cfngin.init(force=bool(self.parameters or self.explicitly_enabled)) cfngin.deploy(force=bool(self.parameters or self.explicitly_enabled))
[docs] def destroy(self) -> None: """Run destroy.""" cfngin = CFNgin(self.ctx, parameters=self.parameters, sys_path=self.path) cfngin.destroy(force=bool(self.parameters or self.explicitly_enabled))
[docs] def init(self) -> None: """Run init.""" cfngin = CFNgin(self.ctx, parameters=self.parameters, sys_path=self.path) cfngin.init(force=bool(self.parameters or self.explicitly_enabled))
[docs] def plan(self) -> None: """Run diff.""" cfngin = CFNgin(self.ctx, parameters=self.parameters, sys_path=self.path) cfngin.plan(force=bool(self.parameters or self.explicitly_enabled))