Source code for runway.module.cdk

"""CDK module."""
import logging
import os
import subprocess
import sys

from .._logging import PrefixAdaptor
from ..util import change_dir, run_commands, which
from . import (

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_cdk_stacks(module_path, env_vars, context_opts): """Return list of CDK stacks.""" LOGGER.debug("listing stacks in the CDK app prior to diff...") result = subprocess.check_output( generate_node_command( command="cdk", command_opts=["list"] + context_opts, path=module_path ), env=env_vars, ) if isinstance(result, bytes): # python3 returns encoded bytes result = result.decode() result = result.strip().split("\n") LOGGER.debug("found stacks: %s", result) return result
[docs]class CloudDevelopmentKit(RunwayModule): """CDK Runway Module.""" def __init__(self, context, path, options=None): """Instantiate class. Args: context (Context): Runway context object. path (Union[str, Path]): Path to the module. options (Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]]): Everything in the module definition merged with applicable values from the deployment definition. """ super(CloudDevelopmentKit, self).__init__(context, path, options) # logger needs to be created here to use the correct logger self.logger = PrefixAdaptor(, LOGGER)
[docs] def run_cdk(self, command="deploy"): # pylint: disable=too-many-branches """Run CDK.""" response = {"skipped_configs": False} cdk_opts = [command] if self.context.no_color: cdk_opts.append("--no-color") if not which("npm"): self.logger.error( '"npm" not found in path or is not executable; ' "please ensure it is installed correctly." ) sys.exit(1) if "DEBUG" in self.context.env.vars: cdk_opts.append("-v") # Increase logging if requested warn_on_boto_env_vars(self.context.env.vars) if self.options["environment"]: if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(self.path, "package.json")): with change_dir(self.path): run_npm_install( self.path, self.options, self.context, logger=self.logger ) if self.options.get("options", {}).get("build_steps", []):"build steps (in progress)") run_commands( commands=self.options.get("options", {}).get( "build_steps", [] ), directory=self.path, env=self.context.env.vars, )"build steps (complete)") cdk_context_opts = [] for (key, val) in self.options["parameters"].items(): cdk_context_opts.extend(["-c", "%s=%s" % (key, val)]) cdk_opts.extend(cdk_context_opts) if command == "diff":"plan (in progress)") for i in get_cdk_stacks( self.path, self.context.env.vars, cdk_context_opts ): generate_node_command( "cdk", cdk_opts + [i], self.path # 'diff <stack>' ), env=self.context.env.vars, )"plan (complete)") else: # Make sure we're targeting all stacks if command in ["deploy", "destroy"]: cdk_opts.append('"*"') if command == "deploy": if "CI" in self.context.env.vars: cdk_opts.append("--ci") cdk_opts.append("--require-approval=never") bootstrap_command = generate_node_command( "cdk", ["bootstrap"] + cdk_context_opts + (["--no-color"] if self.context.no_color else []), self.path, )"bootstrap (in progress)") run_module_command( cmd_list=bootstrap_command, env_vars=self.context.env.vars, logger=self.logger, )"bootstrap (complete)") elif command == "destroy" and self.context.is_noninteractive: cdk_opts.append("-f") # Don't prompt cdk_command = generate_node_command("cdk", cdk_opts, self.path)"%s (in progress)", command) run_module_command( cmd_list=cdk_command, env_vars=self.context.env.vars, logger=self.logger, )"%s (complete)", command) else: 'skipped; package.json with "aws-cdk" in devDependencies is ' "required for this module type" ) else:"skipped; environment required but not defined") response["skipped_configs"] = True return response
[docs] def plan(self): """Run cdk diff.""" self.run_cdk(command="diff")
[docs] def deploy(self): """Run cdk deploy.""" self.run_cdk(command="deploy")
[docs] def destroy(self): """Run cdk destroy.""" self.run_cdk(command="destroy")