Source code for runway.lookups.registry

"""Register test handlers."""
from typing import Type, Union  # pylint: disable=unused-import

from six import string_types

from runway.util import load_object_from_string

from .handlers import cfn, ecr, env, ssm, var
from .handlers.base import LookupHandler  # noqa: F401 pylint: disable=W


[docs]def register_lookup_handler(lookup_type, handler_or_path): # type: (str, Union[Type[LookupHandler], str]) -> None """Register a lookup handler. Args: lookup_type: Name to register the handler under handler_or_path: a function or a path to a handler """ handler = handler_or_path if isinstance(handler_or_path, string_types): handler = load_object_from_string(handler_or_path) RUNWAY_LOOKUP_HANDLERS[lookup_type] = handler
[docs]def unregister_lookup_handler(lookup_type): # type: (str) -> None """Unregister the specified test type. This is useful when testing various lookup types if you want to unregister the lookup type after the test runs. Args: lookup_type: Name of the lookup type to unregister """ RUNWAY_LOOKUP_HANDLERS.pop(lookup_type, None)
register_lookup_handler(cfn.TYPE_NAME, cfn.CfnLookup) register_lookup_handler(ecr.TYPE_NAME, ecr.EcrLookup) register_lookup_handler(env.TYPE_NAME, env.EnvLookup) register_lookup_handler(ssm.TYPE_NAME, ssm.SsmLookup) register_lookup_handler(var.TYPE_NAME, var.VarLookup)