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"""Assume an AWS IAM role."""
import logging
import sys

if sys.version_info >= (3, 6):  # cov: ignore
    from contextlib import AbstractContextManager  # pylint: disable=E
else:  # cov: ignore
    AbstractContextManager = object

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__.replace("._", "."))

[docs]class AssumeRole(AbstractContextManager): """Context manager for assuming an AWS role.""" def __init__( self, context, role_arn=None, duration_seconds=None, revert_on_exit=True, session_name=None, ): """Instantiate class. Args: context (Context): Runway context object. role_arn (Optional[str]): ARN of role to be assumed. duration_seconds (Optional[int]): Seconds that the assumed role's credentials will be valid for. (default: 3600) revert_on_exit (bool): Whether credentials in the environment will be reverted upon exiting the context manager. session_name (Optional[bool]): Name to use for the assumed role session. (default: runway) """ self.role_arn = role_arn self.assumed_role_user = {} self.credentials = {} self.ctx = context self.duration_seconds = duration_seconds or 3600 self.revert_on_exit = revert_on_exit self.session_name = session_name or "runway" @property def _kwargs(self): """Construct keyword arguments to pass to boto3 call. Returns: Dict[str, Union[int, str]]: Keyword arguments for boto3 call. """ return { "RoleArn": self.role_arn, "RoleSessionName": self.session_name, "DurationSeconds": self.duration_seconds, }
[docs] def assume(self): """Perform role assumption.""" if not self.role_arn: LOGGER.debug("no role to assume") return if self.revert_on_exit: self.save_existing_iam_env_vars() sts_client = self.ctx.get_session().client("sts")"assuming role %s...", self.role_arn) response = sts_client.assume_role(**self._kwargs) LOGGER.debug("sts.assume_role respsone: %s", response) self.assumed_role_user.update(response["AssumedRoleUser"]) self.credentials.update(response["Credentials"]) self.ctx.env.vars.update( { "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID": response["Credentials"]["AccessKeyId"], "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY": response["Credentials"]["SecretAccessKey"], "AWS_SESSION_TOKEN": response["Credentials"]["SessionToken"], } ) LOGGER.verbose("updated environment with assumed credentials")
[docs] def restore_existing_iam_env_vars(self): """Restore backed up IAM environment variables.""" if not self.role_arn: LOGGER.debug("no role was assumed; not reverting credentials") return for k in self.ctx.current_aws_creds.keys(): old = "OLD_" + k if self.ctx.env_vars.get(old): self.ctx.env_vars[k] = self.ctx.env_vars.pop(old) LOGGER.debug("reverted environment variables: %s", k) else: self.ctx.env_vars.pop(k, None) LOGGER.debug("removed environment variables: %s ", k)
[docs] def save_existing_iam_env_vars(self): """Backup IAM environment variables for later restoration.""" for k, v in self.ctx.current_aws_creds.items(): new = "OLD_" + k LOGGER.debug('saving environment variable "%s" as "%s"', k, new) self.ctx.env_vars[new] = v
def __enter__(self): """Enter the context manager. Returns: AssumeRole """ LOGGER.debug("entering aws.AssumeRole context manager...") self.assume() return self def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback): """Exit the context manager.""" if self.revert_on_exit: self.restore_existing_iam_env_vars() LOGGER.debug("aws.AssumeRole context manager exited")