Source code for runway.cfngin.logger

"""CFNgin logger."""
import logging
import sys

    "[%(asctime)s] %(levelname)s %(threadName)s "
    "%(name)s:%(lineno)d(%(funcName)s): %(message)s"
INFO_FORMAT = "[%(asctime)s] %(message)s"
COLOR_FORMAT = "[%(asctime)s] \033[%(color)sm%(message)s\033[39m"

ISO_8601 = "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S"

[docs]class ColorFormatter(logging.Formatter): """Handles colorizing formatted log messages if color provided."""
[docs] def format(self, record): """Format log message.""" if "color" not in record.__dict__: record.__dict__["color"] = 37 msg = super(ColorFormatter, self).format(record) return msg
[docs]def setup_logging(verbosity, formats=None): """Configure a proper logger based on verbosity and optional log formats. Args: verbosity (int): 0, 1, 2 formats (Optional[Dict[str, Any]]): Keys (``info``, ``color``, ``debug``) which may override the associated default log formats. """ if formats is None: formats = {} log_level = logging.INFO log_format = formats.get("info", INFO_FORMAT) if sys.stdout.isatty(): log_format = formats.get("color", COLOR_FORMAT) if verbosity > 0: log_level = logging.DEBUG log_format = formats.get("debug", DEBUG_FORMAT) if verbosity < 2: logging.getLogger("botocore").setLevel(logging.CRITICAL) hdlr = logging.StreamHandler() hdlr.setFormatter(ColorFormatter(log_format, ISO_8601)) logging.root.addHandler(hdlr) logging.root.setLevel(log_level)