Source code for runway.cfngin.hooks.ecs

"""AWS ECS hook.

A lot of this code exists to deal w/ the broken ECS connect_to_region
function, and will be removed once this pull request is accepted:

# pylint: disable=unused-argument
import logging

from six import string_types

from ..session_cache import get_session

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def create_clusters(provider, context, **kwargs): """Create ECS clusters. Args: provider (:class:`runway.cfngin.providers.base.BaseProvider`): Provider instance. (passed in by CFNgin) context (:class:`runway.cfngin.context.Context`): Context instance. (passed in by CFNgin) Keyword Args: clusters (List[str]): Names of clusters to create. Returns: bool: Whether or not the hook succeeded. """ conn = get_session(provider.region).client("ecs") try: clusters = kwargs["clusters"] except KeyError: LOGGER.error("clusters argument required but not provided") return False if isinstance(clusters, string_types): clusters = [clusters] cluster_info = {} for cluster in clusters: LOGGER.debug("creating ECS cluster: %s", cluster) response = conn.create_cluster(clusterName=cluster) cluster_info[response["cluster"]["clusterName"]] = response return {"clusters": cluster_info}