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"""CFNgin info action."""
import logging

from .. import exceptions
from .base import BaseAction

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Action(BaseAction): # pylint: disable=abstract-method """Get information on CloudFormation stacks. Displays the outputs for the set of CloudFormation stacks. """ NAME = "info"
[docs] def run(self, **kwargs): """Get information on CloudFormation stacks.""""outputs for stacks: %s", self.context.get_fqn()) if not self.context.get_stacks(): LOGGER.warning("no stacks detected (error in config?)") for stack in self.context.get_stacks(): provider = self.build_provider(stack) try: provider_stack = provider.get_stack(stack.fqn) except exceptions.StackDoesNotExist: "%s:stack does not exist", stack.fqn, ) continue"%s:", stack.fqn) if "Outputs" in provider_stack: for output in provider_stack["Outputs"]:"\t%s: %s", output["OutputKey"], output["OutputValue"])