Source code for runway.cfngin.actions.diff

"""CFNgin diff action."""
import logging
import sys
from operator import attrgetter

from botocore.exceptions import ClientError

from import Bucket
from .. import exceptions
from ..status import (
from ..status import StackDoesNotExist as StackDoesNotExistStatus
from . import build
from .base import build_walker

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class DictValue(object): """Used to create a diff of two dictionaries.""" ADDED = "ADDED" REMOVED = "REMOVED" MODIFIED = "MODIFIED" UNMODIFIED = "UNMODIFIED" formatter = "%s%s = %s" def __init__(self, key, old_value, new_value): """Instantiate class.""" self.key = key self.old_value = old_value self.new_value = new_value def __eq__(self, other): """Compare if self is equal to another object.""" return self.__dict__ == other.__dict__
[docs] def changes(self): """Return changes to represent the diff between old and new value. Returns: List[str]: Representation of the change (if any) between old and new value. """ output = [] if self.status() is self.UNMODIFIED: output = [self.formatter % (" ", self.key, self.old_value)] elif self.status() is self.ADDED: output.append(self.formatter % ("+", self.key, self.new_value)) elif self.status() is self.REMOVED: output.append(self.formatter % ("-", self.key, self.old_value)) elif self.status() is self.MODIFIED: output.append(self.formatter % ("-", self.key, self.old_value)) output.append(self.formatter % ("+", self.key, self.new_value)) return output
[docs] def status(self): """Status of changes between the old value and new value.""" if self.old_value == self.new_value: return self.UNMODIFIED if self.old_value is None: return self.ADDED if self.new_value is None: return self.REMOVED return self.MODIFIED
[docs]def diff_dictionaries(old_dict, new_dict): """Calculate the diff two single dimension dictionaries. Args: old_dict(Dict[Any, Any]): Old dictionary. new_dict(Dict[Any, Any]): New dictionary. Returns: Tuple[int, List[:class:`DictValue`]]: Number of changed records and the :class:`DictValue` object containing the changes. """ old_set = set(old_dict) new_set = set(new_dict) added_set = new_set - old_set removed_set = old_set - new_set common_set = old_set & new_set changes = 0 output = [] for key in added_set: changes += 1 output.append(DictValue(key, None, new_dict[key])) for key in removed_set: changes += 1 output.append(DictValue(key, old_dict[key], None)) for key in common_set: output.append(DictValue(key, old_dict[key], new_dict[key])) if str(old_dict[key]) != str(new_dict[key]): changes += 1 output.sort(key=attrgetter("key")) return changes, output
[docs]def format_params_diff(parameter_diff): """Handle the formatting of differences in parameters. Args: parameter_diff (List[:class:`DictValue`]): A list of :class:`DictValue` detailing the differences between two dicts returned by :func:`diff_dictionaries`. Returns: str: A formatted string that represents a parameter diff """ params_output = "\n".join([line for v in parameter_diff for line in v.changes()]) return ( """--- Old Parameters +++ New Parameters ****************** %s\n""" % params_output )
[docs]def diff_parameters(old_params, new_params): """Compare the old vs. new parameters and returns a "diff". If there are no changes, we return an empty list. Args: old_params(Dict[Any, Any]): old paramters new_params(Dict[Any, Any]): new parameters Returns: List[:class:`DictValue`]: A list of differences. """ changes, diff = diff_dictionaries(old_params, new_params) if changes == 0: return [] return diff
[docs]class Action(build.Action): """Responsible for diffing CloudFormation stacks in AWS and locally. Generates the build plan based on stack dependencies (these dependencies are determined automatically based on references to output values from other stacks). The plan is then used to create a changeset for a stack using a generated template based on the current config. """ DESCRIPTION = "Diff stacks" NAME = "diff" @property def _stack_action(self): """Run against a step.""" return self._diff_stack def _diff_stack( self, stack, **_kwargs ): # pylint: disable=too-many-return-statements """Handle diffing a stack in CloudFormation vs our config.""" if self.cancel.wait(0): return INTERRUPTED if not build.should_submit(stack): return NotSubmittedStatus() provider = self.build_provider(stack) if not build.should_update(stack): stack.set_outputs(provider.get_outputs(stack.fqn)) return NotUpdatedStatus() tags = build.build_stack_tags(stack) try: stack.resolve(self.context, provider) parameters = self.build_parameters(stack) outputs = provider.get_stack_changes( stack, self._template(stack.blueprint), parameters, tags ) stack.set_outputs(outputs) except exceptions.StackDidNotChange:"%s:no changes", stack.fqn) stack.set_outputs(provider.get_outputs(stack.fqn)) except exceptions.StackDoesNotExist: if self.context.persistent_graph: return SkippedStatus( "persistent graph: stack does not exist, will be removed" ) return StackDoesNotExistStatus() except AttributeError as err: if ( self.context.persistent_graph and "defined class or template path" in str(err) ): return SkippedStatus("persistent graph: will be destroyed") raise except ClientError as err: if ( err.response["Error"]["Code"] == "ValidationError" and "length less than or equal to" in err.response["Error"]["Message"] ): LOGGER.error( "%s:template is too large to provide directly to the API; " "S3 must be used",, ) return SkippedStatus("cfngin_bucket: existing bucket required") raise return COMPLETE
[docs] def run(self, **kwargs): """Kicks off the diffing of the stacks in the stack_definitions.""" plan = self._generate_plan( require_unlocked=False, include_persistent_graph=True ) plan.outline(logging.DEBUG) if plan.keys():"diffing stacks: %s", ", ".join(plan.keys())) else: LOGGER.warning("no stacks detected (error in config?)") walker = build_walker(kwargs.get("concurrency", 0)) plan.execute(walker)
[docs] def pre_run(self, **kwargs): """Any steps that need to be taken prior to running the action. Handle CFNgin bucket access denied & not existing. """ if self.bucket_name: bucket = Bucket(self.context, self.bucket_name, self.bucket_region) if bucket.forbidden: LOGGER.error("access denied for CFNgin bucket: %s", sys.exit(1) if bucket.not_found: LOGGER.warning( 'cfngin_bucket "%s" does not exist and will be creating ' "during the next deploy",, ) LOGGER.verbose("proceeding without a cfngin_bucket...") self.bucket_name = None
[docs] def post_run(self, **kwargs): """Do nothing."""