runway.cfngin.hooks.iam module

AWS IAM hook.

runway.cfngin.hooks.iam.create_ecs_service_role(context: CfnginContext, *, role_name: str = 'ecsServiceRole', **_: Any)bool[source]

Create ecsServiceRole IAM role.

  • context – Context instance. (passed in by CFNgin)

  • role_name – Name of the role to create.

runway.cfngin.hooks.iam.ensure_server_cert_exists(context: CfnginContext, *, cert_name: str, prompt: bool = True, **kwargs: Any)Dict[str, str][source]

Ensure server cert exists.

  • context – CFNgin context object.

  • cert_name – Name of the certificate that should exist.

  • prompt – Whether to prompt to upload a certificate if one does not exist.


Dict containing status, cert_name, and cert_arn.