Source code for runway.context._runway

"""Runway context."""
from __future__ import annotations

import logging
import sys
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Optional, Union, cast

from ..compat import cached_property
from ..core.components import DeployEnvironment
from ._base import BaseContext

    from pathlib import Path

    from .._logging import PrefixAdaptor, RunwayLogger
    from ..core.type_defs import RunwayActionTypeDef

LOGGER = cast("RunwayLogger", logging.getLogger(__name__))

def str2bool(v: str):
    """Return boolean value of string."""
    return v.lower() in ("yes", "true", "t", "1", "on", "y")

[docs]class RunwayContext(BaseContext): """Runway context object.""" command: Optional[RunwayActionTypeDef] """Runway command/action being run."""
[docs] def __init__( self, *, command: Optional[RunwayActionTypeDef] = None, deploy_environment: Optional[DeployEnvironment] = None, logger: Union[PrefixAdaptor, RunwayLogger] = LOGGER, work_dir: Optional[Path] = None, **_: Any, ) -> None: """Instantiate class. Args: command: Runway command/action being run. deploy_environment: The current deploy environment. logger: Custom logger. work_dir: Working directory used by Runway. """ super().__init__( deploy_environment=deploy_environment or DeployEnvironment(), logger=logger, work_dir=work_dir, ) self.command = command self._inject_profile_credentials()
@cached_property def no_color(self) -> bool: """Whether to explicitly disable color output. Primarily applies to IaC being wrapped by Runway. """ colorize = self.env.vars.get("RUNWAY_COLORIZE") # explicitly enable/disable try: if isinstance(colorize, bool): # type: ignore # catch False return not colorize if colorize and isinstance(colorize, str): # type: ignore return not str2bool(colorize) except ValueError: pass # likely invalid RUNWAY_COLORIZE value return not sys.stdout.isatty() @cached_property def use_concurrent(self) -> bool: """Whether to use concurrent.futures or not. Noninteractive is required for concurrent execution to prevent weird user-input behavior. Python 3 is required because backported futures has issues with ProcessPoolExecutor. """ if self.is_noninteractive: if not self.sys_info.os.is_posix: LOGGER.warning( "parallel execution disabled; only POSIX systems are supported currently" ) return False return True LOGGER.warning("parallel execution disabled; not running in CI mode") return False
[docs] def copy(self) -> RunwayContext: """Copy the contents of this object into a new instance.""" return self.__class__( command=self.command, deploy_environment=self.env.copy(), logger=self.logger, work_dir=self.work_dir, )
[docs] def echo_detected_environment(self) -> None: """Print a helper note about how the environment was determined.""" self.env.log_name()