Source code for runway.config.components.runway._module_def

"""Runway config module definition."""
from __future__ import annotations

from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Optional, Tuple, Union

from ....variables import Variable
from ...models.runway import RunwayModuleDefinitionModel
from .base import ConfigComponentDefinition

    from ...models.runway import (

[docs]class RunwayModuleDefinition(ConfigComponentDefinition): """Runway module definition.""" class_path: Optional[str] environments: RunwayEnvironmentsType env_vars: RunwayEnvVarsType name: str options: Dict[str, Any] parameters: Dict[str, Any] path: Optional[Union[str, Path]] tags: List[str] type: Optional[RunwayModuleTypeTypeDef] _data: RunwayModuleDefinitionModel _supports_vars: Tuple[str, ...] = ( "class_path", "env_vars", "environments", "options", "parameters", "path", )
[docs] def __init__(self, data: RunwayModuleDefinitionModel) -> None: """Instantiate class.""" super().__init__(data)
@property def child_modules(self) -> List[RunwayModuleDefinition]: """List of child modules.""" return [RunwayModuleDefinition(child) for child in self._data.parallel] @child_modules.setter def child_modules( self, modules: List[Union[RunwayModuleDefinition, RunwayModuleDefinitionModel]], # type: ignore ) -> None: """Set the value of the property. Args: modules: A list of modules. Raises: TypeError: The provided value does not match the required types. """ if not isinstance(modules, list): # type: ignore raise TypeError( f"expected List[RunwayModuleDefinition]; got {type(modules)}" ) sanitized: List[RunwayModuleDefinitionModel] = [] for i, mod in enumerate(modules): if isinstance(mod, RunwayModuleDefinition): sanitized.append(RunwayModuleDefinitionModel.parse_obj( elif isinstance(mod, RunwayModuleDefinitionModel): # type: ignore sanitized.append(mod) else: raise TypeError( f"{}.parallel[{i}] is type {type(mod)}; " "expected type RunwayModuleDefinition or RunwayModuleDefinitionModel" ) self._data.parallel = sanitized @property def is_parent(self) -> bool: """Assess if the modules contains child modules (e.g. run in parallel).""" return bool(self._data.parallel) @property def menu_entry(self) -> str: """Return menu entry representation of this module.""" if self.is_parent: return ( f"{} [{', '.join([c.menu_entry for c in self.child_modules])}]" ) return
[docs] def reverse(self): """Reverse the order of child/parallel modules.""" self._data.parallel.reverse()
def _register_variable(self, var_name: str, var_value: Any) -> None: """Register a variable. Args: var_name: Name of the config field that can contain a variable lookup. var_value: Literal value supplied in the config to be resolved as a variable if it contains a lookup. """ self._vars[var_name] = Variable( name=f"{}.{var_name}", value=var_value, variable_type="runway" )
[docs] @classmethod def parse_obj(cls, obj: Any) -> RunwayModuleDefinition: """Parse a python object into this class. Args: obj: The object to parse. """ return cls(RunwayModuleDefinitionModel.parse_obj(obj))