Source code for runway.cfngin.lookups.handlers.split

"""Split lookup."""
# pyright: reportIncompatibleMethodOverride=none
from typing import Any, List

from typing_extensions import Final, Literal

from ....lookups.handlers.base import LookupHandler

[docs]class SplitLookup(LookupHandler): """Split lookup.""" TYPE_NAME: Final[Literal["split"]] = "split" """Name that the Lookup is registered as."""
[docs] @classmethod def handle( # pylint: disable=arguments-differ cls, value: str, **_: Any ) -> List[str]: """Split the supplied string on the given delimiter, providing a list. Args: value: Parameter(s) given to this lookup. Format of value:: <delimiter>::<value> Example: :: Subnets: ${split ,::subnet-1,subnet-2,subnet-3} Would result in the variable `Subnets` getting a list consisting of:: ["subnet-1", "subnet-2", "subnet-3"] This is particularly useful when getting an output from another stack that contains a list. For example, the standard vpc blueprint outputs the list of Subnets it creates as a pair of Outputs (``PublicSubnets``, ``PrivateSubnets``) that are comma separated, so you could use this in your config:: Subnets: ${split ,::${output vpc.PrivateSubnets}} """ try: delimiter, text = value.split("::", 1) except ValueError: raise ValueError( f"Invalid value for split: {value}. Must be in <delimiter>::<text> format." ) from None return text.split(delimiter)