runway.sources.git module

‘Git’ type Path Source.

class runway.sources.git.Git(uri='', location='', options=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: runway.sources.source.Source

Git Path Source.

The Git path source can be tasked with cloning a remote repository and pointing to a specific module folder (or the root).

Git Path Source.

Keyword Arguments
  • uri (str) – The uniform resource identifier that targets the remote git repository

  • location (string) – The relative location to the root of the repository where the module resides. Leaving this as an empty string, /, or ./ will have runway look in the root folder.

  • options (Union(None, Dict[str, str])) – A reference can be passed along via the options so that a specific version of the repository is cloned. commit, tag, branch are all valid keys with respective output


Retrieve the git repository from it’s remote location.

classmethod sanitize_git_path(path)[source]

Sanitize the git path for folder/file assignment.

Keyword Arguments

path (str) – The path string to be sanitized