runway.hooks.staticsite.auth_at_edge.client_updater module

User Pool Client Updater.

Responsible for updating the User Pool Client with the generated distribution url + callback url paths.

runway.hooks.staticsite.auth_at_edge.client_updater.get_redirect_uris(domains, redirect_path_sign_in, redirect_path_sign_out)[source]

Create dict of redirect URIs for AppClient.

runway.hooks.staticsite.auth_at_edge.client_updater.update(context, provider, **kwargs)[source]

Update the callback urls for the User Pool Client.

Required to match the redirect_uri being sent which contains our distribution and alternate domain names.

Keyword Arguments
  • alternate_domains (List[str]) – A list of any alternate domains that need to be listed with the primary distribution domain.

  • redirect_path_sign_in (str) – The redirect path after sign in.

  • redirect_path_sign_out (str) – The redirect path after sign out.

  • oauth_scopes (List[str]) – A list of all available validation scopes for oauth.