runway.hooks.staticsite.auth_at_edge.callback_url_retriever module

Callback URL Retriever.

Dependency pre-hook responsible for ensuring correct callback urls are retrieved or a temporary one is used in it’s place.

runway.hooks.staticsite.auth_at_edge.callback_url_retriever.get(context, provider, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieve the callback URLs for User Pool Client Creation.

When the User Pool is created a Callback URL is required. During a post hook entitled client_updater these Callback URLs are updated to that of the Distribution. Before then we need to ensure that if a Client already exists that the URLs for that client are used to prevent any interuption of service during deploy.

Keyword Arguments
  • user_pool_id (str) – The ID of the User Pool to check for a client.

  • stack_name (str) –