runway.cfngin.lookups.handlers.rxref module

Handler for fetching outputs from a stack in the current namespace.

class runway.cfngin.lookups.handlers.rxref.RxrefLookup[source]

Bases: runway.lookups.handlers.base.LookupHandler

Rxref lookup.

classmethod handle(value, context=None, provider=None, **kwargs)[source]

Fetch an output from the designated stack in the current namespace.

The output lookup supports fetching outputs from stacks created within a single config file. Sometimes it’s useful to fetch outputs from stacks created outside of the current config file but using the same namespace. rxref supports this by using the runway.cfngin.context.Context to expand the fqn of the stack.


Output from the specified stack.

Return type



conf_value: ${rxref relative-stack-name::SomeOutputName}