runway.blueprints.staticsite.dependencies module

Module with static website supporting infrastructure.

class runway.blueprints.staticsite.dependencies.Dependencies(name, context, mappings=None, description=None)[source]

Bases: runway.cfngin.blueprints.base.Blueprint

Stacker blueprint for creating static website buckets.

Instantiate class.

  • name (str) – A name for the blueprint.

  • context (runway.cfngin.context.Context) – Context the blueprint is being executed under.

  • mappings (dict, optional) – CloudFormation Mappings to be used in the template.

  • description (str) – Used to describe the resulting CloudFormation template.

VARIABLES = {'AdditionalRedirectDomains': {'default': [], 'description': '(Optional) AppClient callback/logout domains (in addition to the Aliases)', 'type': <class 'list'>}, 'Aliases': {'default': [], 'description': '(Optional) Domain aliases for the distribution', 'type': <class 'list'>}, 'AuthAtEdge': {'default': False, 'description': 'Utilizing Authorization @ Edge', 'type': <class 'bool'>}, 'CreateUserPool': {'default': False, 'description': 'Whether a User Pool should be created for the project', 'type': <class 'bool'>}, 'OAuthScopes': {'default': ['phone', 'email', 'profile', 'openid', 'aws.cognito.signin.user.admin'], 'description': 'The allowed scopes for OAuth validation', 'type': <class 'list'>}, 'RedirectPathSignIn': {'default': '/parseauth', 'description': 'Auth@Edge redirect sign in path', 'type': <class 'str'>}, 'RedirectPathSignOut': {'default': '/', 'description': 'Auth@Edge redirect sign out path', 'type': <class 'str'>}, 'SupportedIdentityProviders': {'default': [], 'description': 'Auth@Edge AppClient Identity Providers', 'type': <class 'list'>}}

Create template (main function called by Stacker).