runway.aws_sso_botocore.session module

Botocore with support for AWS SSO session assets.

class runway.aws_sso_botocore.session.Session(session_vars=None, event_hooks=None, include_builtin_handlers=True, profile=None)[source]

Bases: botocore.session.Session

Extends the botocore session to support AWS SSO.

Create a new Session object.

  • session_vars (dict) – A dictionary that is used to override some or all of the environment variables associated with this session. The key/value pairs defined in this dictionary will override the corresponding variables defined in SESSION_VARIABLES.

  • event_hooks (BaseEventHooks) – The event hooks object to use. If one is not provided, an event hooks object will be automatically created for you.

  • include_builtin_handlers (bool) – Indicates whether or not to automatically register builtin handlers.

  • profile (str) – The name of the profile to use for this session. Note that the profile can only be set when the session is created.