runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions module

Botocore with support for AWS SSO exceptions.

exception runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.SSOError(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: botocore.exceptions.BotoCoreError

Base class for AWS SSO authentication errors.

fmt = 'An unspecified error happened when resolving SSO credentials'
exception runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.PendingAuthorizationExpiredError(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.SSOError

Pending AWS SSO authorization expired.

fmt = 'The pending authorization to retrieve an SSO token has expired. The device authorization flow to retrieve an SSO token must be restarted.'
exception runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.SSOTokenLoadError(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.SSOError

AWS SSO token load error.

fmt = 'Error loading SSO Token: {error_msg}'
exception runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.UnauthorizedSSOTokenError(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: runway.aws_sso_botocore.exceptions.SSOError

Unauthorized AWS SSO token.

fmt = 'The SSO session associated with this profile has expired or is otherwise invalid. To refresh this SSO session run aws sso login with the corresponding profile.'