runway.hooks.staticsite.util module

Utility functions for website build/upload.

runway.hooks.staticsite.util.calculate_hash_of_files(files: List[str], root: Path)str[source]

Return a hash of all of the given files at the given root.

Adapted from stacker.hooks.aws_lambda; used according to its license:

  • files – file names to include in the hash calculation, relative to root.

  • root – base directory to analyze files in.


A hash of the hashes of the given files.

runway.hooks.staticsite.util.get_hash_of_files(root_path: Path, directories: Optional[List[Dict[str, Union[List[str], str]]]] = None)str[source]

Generate md5 hash of files.

runway.hooks.staticsite.util.get_ignorer(path: Path, additional_exclusions: Optional[List[str]] = None) → zgitignore.ZgitIgnore[source]

Create ignorer with directory gitignore file.