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"""AWS cli."""
import logging
from typing import List  # pylint: disable=W

from ....util import SafeHaven

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__.replace("._", "."))

[docs]def cli(cmd): # type: (List[str]) -> None """Invoke AWS command. Args: cmd: Command to be passed to awscli. Raises: RuntimeError: awscli returned a non-zero exit code. """ # Ensure runway awscli v1 is not instantiated during `runway kbenv` executions, # which may in turn invoke system awscli v2 via kubeconfigs causing a # "'Namespace' object has no attribute 'cli_binary_format'" error from awscli.clidriver import ( # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel create_clidriver, ) LOGGER.debug("passing command to awscli: %s", " ".join(cmd)) with SafeHaven(argv=cmd, environ={"LC_CTYPE": "en_US.UTF"}): exit_code = create_clidriver().main(cmd) if exit_code: # non-zero exit code raise RuntimeError("AWS CLI exited with code {}".format(exit_code))