05 - DIY IoT Challenge!ΒΆ

Now its time to test your IoT skills, and see if you can build a working end-to-end IoT solution that will measure temperature, humidity, and light levels, and send that data from your IoTanium board to AWS using MQTT.

Here are some hints to help you get started:

  • Use the hello_world.py you used in section 02 - IoT Hello World on AWS as a base for your script, as it already has a working MQTT client that sends data to the cloud. You just need to change what data it sends!

  • You will need to replace the hello world data in that script, with temp, humidity and light data. Use what you learned in section 04 - Adding Sensors to figure out how to do this.

  • Pay attention, the hello_world.py script is missing a library you need to read one of your sensors! Inspect what you previously did to read the sensors successfully, and add any missing libraries to the import section at the top of your script.

  • Leave the topic and endpoint values unchanged in your script.

  • You have completed the challenge successfully when your device is sending json data like that shown below, to the same AWS IoT endpoint as before:

    >>> import my_script
     published to topic iotanium: {'temperature': '21', 'humidity': '51', 'light': '4095'}
     published to topic iotanium: {'temperature': '21', 'humidity': '51', 'light': '4095'}

Did you get the desired data to send? If so, great work!!